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Website Optimization Services

Own an e-commerce store and want to make it more discoverable? Have lots of traffic but want to see your products converting faster? Point-Of-Sale Strategies has the tools to drive your e-commerce business so that you can quickly see results. I combine multiple datasets to get you better keywords, better links, and better merchandise to drive online sales. Some of the services I offer are:

Website Refresh Services

Do you need a website refresh?

Maybe it's been a while since you have really taken a look at the content on your top pages, or you put a lot of hard work into creating your website, but you know that it probably isn't optimized for search engines. Or maybe conversion or traffic has declined recently and you're just not sure why.  Whatever it is, your gut tells you that you website needs a check-up of its own.

I offer website refresh services which keep all of your currently pages intact, but include new keywords, content, or images that will help create a better overall experience. No need to start brand-new, a quick website facelift can make your pages feel brand-new.

On-Page SEO Services

What is on-page SEO? 

On-page SEO is search engine optimization on your internal website that can improve your page's rankings in serach results.  This can be done by adding relevant keywords, creating new content, adding relevant blog posts and more. I take a look at your page and make suggestions on the best tactics that can be executed quickly for the fastest results. Examples of on-page SEO are adding title tags, meta descriptions, optimizing images and adding personalized content. 

Technical SEO Services

Technically, technical SEO is also on-page SEO services, but this focuses more on making sure your website it running smoothly so that a web crawler can easily browse your information and collect relevant data. I always do a thorough review with updates of your technical SEO. Examples of technical SEO are ensuring that there are no broken links on your website, no duplicate content, and that your website is loading quickly and linking to appropriate pages.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO is so essential for small business owners with a brick-and-mortar presence. I offer affordable local SEO services that can quickly get you ranked higher on Google's local 3-pack. I make sure you Google My Business is set up correctly and I did into exactly what keywords and services are being searched for in your region. I also add your top-selling products to Google Merchant Center so that they can show up in local results with purchase intent.

Keyword Analytics

It's all about keywords! Choosing the right keywords helps Google bring the right customers to your page. I will work with you to understand what keywords you would like to rank for and will strategically place those keywords on your website through content and product descriptions. I will help you determine your best title descriptions and will lay out your product detail page for maximum keyword results. But it doesn't stop there, I also assess what keywords your competitors are driving traffic with and find new product opportunities for your store based on what customers are searching for.

Retail Data Analytics

Do you know how what percent of your online store drives? Or which pages are the most valuable? What about which product pages have the best conversion? I review all of your retail data and develop an online merchandising plan to help drive even more traffic to your top-performing pages. I use resources like Google Data Analytics, Semrush, Shopify e-commerce data (or whatever website service you use) and Google Search Console tools to find the best solutions for your e-commerce store.

Google Analytics Consulting

Need help with Google Analytics? I take you through the whole process- setting up GA and creating dashboards to better track your KPI's. Need a quick one-off solution? I offer 1-hour consultations for $150.00 to help solve any Google Analytics questions and a whole lot of other problems. I am also a Google my business expert and can help you correctly set up your google my business account.

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