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Hi There! I'm Amanda

Let's get to know each other better

I'm passionate about all things retail and have spent my entire career developing businesses and brands in the retail space. When the pandemic hit, I was amazed at how the small business community came together to overcome a variety of unexpected obstacles. It was then that I decided I wanted to leave the corporate   9-5 world and to dedicate my time to helping small businesses thrive.

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My goal is to provide small, actionable steps that will help you achieve sustainable growth, allowing you more time to work ON your business rather than IN your business.

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I've Managed Over $1B in Sales

That includes every step in the process from supply chain, development of packaging and marketing materials, and creating a sell-thru strategy down to the individual item level.

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Let's just say, I've seen a lot. And every experience has taught me how to better assess and find an effective course of action. Some examples of the work I have done include:

  • Worked directly with over 100 manufacturers to develop and launch over 1,000 new items in the retail space

  • Created business strategies for more than 100 brands, ranging from $200k- $25M in annual revenue

  • Launched 15 in-store and online merchandising events for large retailers, generating $5M in sales

  • Developed brand pitch decks to launch new partnerships with 5 leading retailers

  • Have managed over 250 vendor partnerships including brands like Bose, Beats by Dr. Dre, Simple Human, Gerber, Sterilite and more

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I combine the art of merchandising with the science of data to develop a comprehensive plan that will get you maximum results.

I Believe In Continuous Learning 

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In the world of retail, nothing stands still. I dedicate 20 hours a week to continued education so that we are always on top of the latest digital marketing and retail merchandising trends.

When there is a new update to Google, Shopify, or any other outlet that would impact your business, I reach out directly to make sure that you are in the loop.

I participate in several partner programs in order to provide best-in-class service:

  • Grow With Google Partner

  • Shopify Partner

  • Hubspot Partner

  • Locally, I also partner with SCORE and Mountain Bizworks

I have certifications in:

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Digital Marketing

  • Meta Social Media Marketing

  • SemRush Expert

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At the end of our time together, you will have all the automated tools you need to save you time and give you energy to put back into your business.

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Nothing Is More Precious Than Your Time

Time is our most precious resource, and it is not unlimited. I am a true believer that the things we put our energy into will flourish and grow.  But are you putting your energy into the right strategies?  After a day of unpacking inventory, working with customers, and trying to keep up with social media- we are often left too exhausted to create a plan.

Together we will identify the best metrics to track to keep your business healthy. I make a CLEAR plan on how you should be spending your efforts in order to drive the most impactful results.

I then create easy, automated reports specific to your KPI's and create easy processes for you and your team members to manage. Get your time back so you can focus on doing the things that you love.


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