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E-Commerce SEO Strategy


A 9-Week SEO Workshop developed to create a comprehensive e-commerce SEO strategy for your website. When taken in full, you will have a deeper knowledge of SEO and best practices, how your website is tracking in comparison to the competition, and what content updates and tracking methods to implement to grow your website's visibility and conversion.

What's Included:

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9 Content Templates

9 Completed templates that you can reference and update for SEO success

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Virtual 1:1 Coaching

Weekly 1:1 meetings to review your business and track progress

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Custom Strategy

A clear strategy specifically for your business with actionable insights to grow



SEO Workshop Agenda

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SEO 101:

Get ready to dive deep into all things SEO in this week's session. By the end of week 1, you will have a comprehensive understanding of SEO and how it applies to your website. In this first meeting, we will conduct an SEO audit on your website to identify any potential issues and develop a plan to fix them. We will also ensure that your business is set up with the necessary tools to track and measure the impact of your SEO updates. By the end of this session, you will have a solid foundation for maximizing the success of your website through SEO.

  • What is SEO and why is it important?

  • How search engines work

  • Keyword research and planning

  • Different types of SEO (On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO)​

Individual Session Price: $250

Competitive Analysis

Conducting a competitive analysis is crucial for developing an effective SEO strategy. In this session, we will analyze your top 5 competitors - both locally and nationally - to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and overall online presence. I will also provide you with a SWOT analysis to identify the top opportunities for your business. By understanding your competitors, we can tailor our SEO approach to give your business a competitive edge and drive more success online.

  • How much organic traffic are competitive websites receiving compared to your website?

  • What keywords are driving traffic to their pages?

  • What content and backlinks are driving traffic to their pages?

  • Identify your top strengths as an online business to focus on for substantial growth

Individual Session Price: $400

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Keyword Research:

In week 3, we will focus on selecting the right keywords to drive higher search engine rankings, increase customer traffic, and improve conversions. Simply finding any keywords is not enough - it's important to identify the ones that will have the biggest impact on your business. I have compiled a list of competitive keywords, and we will review them together to determine which pages and content we can create to start ranking for these keywords. By using the right keywords and optimizing your website accordingly, we can maximize the effectiveness of your SEO efforts

  • Identify target keywords for your business

  • Find common questions related to those keywords to write content for

  • Assess your current website navigation to ensure best potential keywords are being highlighted

  • Identify low-difficulty, tail-end keywords that your competitors are not using

Individual Session Price: $400

Website Optimization

Now that we have completed a thorough competitive analysis and identified the most valuable keywords for your business, it's time to put them into action. In this session, we will focus on integrating these keywords into your website. This will involve creating a page template for your products and updating the content on your most important pages. By implementing these changes, we can optimize your website for higher search engine rankings and drive more targeted traffic to your business

  • How can I maximize SEO through website titles, headers, and meta descriptions?

  • How can I optimize images and use alt text for better search results?

  • How can I optimize my home page for better conversion?

  • Am I highlighting the best products for my customers to find?

Individual Session Price: $300

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Who is the SEO Workshop For?

I specialize in e-commerce SEO and have experience with both Wordpress and Shopify. If you own a boutique business or brand, this workshop will be particularly beneficial for you.

However, even if you don't fit this description, I'd still be happy to chat with you about your business. I believe that choosing an SEO partner should be a personal decision, and I want to make sure that my services are the right fit for your needs.

I understand that your website reflects your brand, and I will do my best to help your brand gain exposure without losing its unique identity.

What is included in the SEO workshop?

  • 4 recorded 90-minute 1:1 sessions

  • Shared Google Drive where I will save all forms for future use

  • I provide you with the completed work and strategy. Our time together is spent on training and understanding the plan

  • Training a new member of the team? Up to 3 members can join each session and have access to the documents

Price: $1200

I don't charge you a hefty monthly retainer fee- instead, I teach you the tools you need to execute and modify your own custom SEO strategy.

Whether you are brand new to the online world and just launching your website, or if you have launched and aren't fulfilling your traffic goals. I will teach you how to find the right keywords to create the best content for your target customer- content that will increase traffic and conversion rates.

If you're interested in growing your organic traffic let's get started today.

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