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Retail Merchandising Services

retail merchandising services

Many people assume retail merchandising is easy- I mean, you get to shop! But there is so much more that goes into the role of a retail buyer. Having a strong retail merchandising plan in place ensures that you are on top of your pricing strategy, have a clear sales plan, and are using inventory management tools.

I have been a Retail Buyer for 15 years now in off-price retailers, e-commerce retailers, and department stores. I take my knowledge of the retail landscape, review your retail data analytics, and execute advanced merchandising techniques. Executing on these techniques will increase sales and profitability.

OTB Planning:

Open-to-buy planning is key to have strong cash flow and better managing your inventory. Do you have an OTB tool in place? If not, I can help you create the right product classifications to monitor your business and can set-up a custom open-to-buy report and teach you how to correctly use it.

Assortment Planning:

Once we have your otb setup, we will dive into your product assortment at the item-level. There we will create a bottoms-up assortment plan that will highlight the perfect product mix for your customer. We will identify new product categories to bring in to drive sales and we will create KPI's for your assortment like Average Unit Retail, Gross Margin, Sell-Thru and more.

Inventory Management:

Now that we have more best-sellers out on the floor, we can create tools to better project inventory sell-through to make sure that you have enough of your best-selling products on order. We will create inventory management reports and logistics reports to track your products. For peak-selling time periods we will better track inventory levels to make sure that you are in-stock for seasonal retail selling.

Additional Retail Merchandising Services:

These are just of the few retail merchandising services that I offer. A complete list can be found here. If you have any questions about retail merchandising services or retail buying services contact me at

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