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Top E-Commerce Platforms for
Small Businesses

Do I Need A Business

The answer is an outstanding YES.

Whether you sell goods or services a website is not just

a great way to drive revenue but it also gives you a more

in-depth look to your customer's interests and buying patterns.

There are many great options for e-commerce platforms out there, so I won't get into too many details, but the most preferred for Point of Sale Systems is Shopify, Wix, and SquareSpace.  We use Wix because of its beautiful design options.

Chances are you have your own website launched but are not currently optimizing it. Its very unlikely that you are using the advanced data analytic tools to create online and in-store strategies for your business.

Websites provide great analytical insights such as:

Product and Pricing:

  • Which products perform better online than in-store?

  • What categories are driving my online traffic and revenue?

  • What opportunities do I have to add to my product line?

  • How can I test different price points for my products?

  • Why are my sales down for 2022?

Customer Journey:

  • What keywords are driving traffic to my pages?

  • Where are my customers spending their time when on my site?

  • What social media campaigns are driving customers to my website?

  • Where are customers abandoning my page?

There is so much to learn from having your own website. If you need help optimizing or analyzing your current site we at POS Strategies would love to help!

Shopify Logo.png
Wix Logo.png
  • $29.99-$299.99/mth

  • 14- day free trial

  • POS capabilities

  • $23-$49/ mth

  • No free trial

  • POS capabilities

Square Space.png
  • $12-$46/ mth

  • 14- day free trial

  • POS capabilities

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