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Retail Consulting Services

Looking for a quick retail strategy solution that doesn't require a long-term project? I offer an hourly consulting call for a flat rate of $150 where we can share a screen and walk through product pitches, retail data analytics, or review your current SEO data. Below are services I have offered past clients, if you don't see your subject shoot me a note! I will be completely transparent about if I can bring value to the conversation.

How to Pitch Products to Stores

In this hour session, we will review your brand or product, discuss the market and price point strategy, and narrow down who your best potential retail partners would be.  Pitching your product to retailers can be a very stressful process. Often, you only have a few minutes of a Buyer's time. I help you narrow down your pitch and learn proper retail merchandising terms so that you and the Buyer are speaking the same language. Selling a product into a large retail chain can bring in serious cash flow, its worth it to do proper planning before your product pitch.

Retail Buyer Training

Starting a job as a Buyer? Becoming a Buyer is a whirlwind of a journey and you are often put into high-stakes situations right off the bat. This call is beneficial for any level of experience- from Assistant Buyer to Senior Buyer, and will help you become more confident in your buying decisions. Want to walk through a specific situation? I have worked with thousands of vendors and made just as many buys- I can walk you through my experience and the experience of the many Buyers I have worked with in my career.

How to Source A Product From Overseas

Sourcing a new product is exciting and can be very frustrating at the same time. Have a new line you are looking to source? I can help you determine what region and possibly what factory you may want to source from. Want to better understand the full process of sourcing a product from overseas. Are you a smaller retailer? I can walk you through the best process on how to source products for a boutique.

Retail Deck Creation

In need of a retail deck? In a one-hour consult I can walk you through the best outline for a retail deck, and what retail math terms you should use in your presentation. We will talk specifically about what retailer you are working with and how to create a strong presentation. If you need help creating a retail deck, I can also do that! It would be a part of a project and not an hourly consult, but I use tools such as Tableau and Canva to create stunning presentations.

Product Development Process

Developing a new product requires a lot of detail. I have a template that I use to make sure that you check off everything that is required. Together, we can walk through the steps and the best approach to developing a new product or product line.

Open-To-Buy Problems

Having Open-to-Buy Problems? We have all been there. Whether it is a look over your current report to troubleshoot or a discussion on what classes and categories should be included- I am here to help!

New Product Launches

Launching a new product can be so exciting! Let's make sure that your pricing is aligned correctly with the market, understand who your main competitors are, and find keywords and platforms for first launch.

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